scatter plot

jacket e! eclectic apparel Darla blazer  tank Mon Tissu  pants :pesca: yuruyuru pants
sweatband Cobrahive  skin/makeup Fashionably Dead
I’ve realized i’m a habitual re-wearer.  accept it.  move on.



skin Fashionably Dead Nyx Skin with Dust makeup & Bird skin …hair Boon, DeLa  clothing Mon Tissu

you build me a wildfire, a thousand burning things
you take my soul and split it, and i’m left remembering
the way things worked before i knew what it was like
to be in love with you.

and if you’re still standing then i must have done it wrong
and if you’re still screaming then i know it won’t be long
until you’re back in my head with your hands around my neck
and i won’t

fight it.

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