top and skirt by NYU for fameshed, coat by Fashionably Dead, Hair by Lamb for The Arcade, bag by Iruco (group gift)

chaise by Scarlet Creative for The Arcade, pottery by Kunst, globe by Tres Blah for The Arcade

Traveling is like flirting with life. It’s like saying, ‘I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station.”   — Lisa St. Aubin de Teran


Wicker Park





Just some of the things I got over the weekend. For your health.

Top: sweatshirt by Boys to the Bone, hair by RAMA/Bold & Beauty for Shiny Shabby

Bottom: tee by Stories & Co. for N21, skirt by Rebel Gal, hair by Olive for Shiny Shabby, watch by Kari (see marketplace), flowers and vase by keke for Shiny Shabby








I could have kept taking pictures of this building…just endless angles and shadows.  It’s by Tesla Miles, and could be used for probably anything.  I’m gonna be ridiculous and use it as a house for a little while.
It’s got this 90s mall atrium / museum gallery feel that I really dig.

Deluxe Octagon Hall by TESLA (see marketplace), dress and choker by Vive Nine Ryvolter, hair by Mithral Apothecary, gloves by Miss Canning







Gosh, I remember that first Collabor88. As much as I think there are probably too many events happening now, this one is always great..and even better four years later.

Pass that Zaara joint.

skybox by TORO, console by Willow for MIX, hanging chair by Soy for C88, table and chair by Sleepy Sniff (see marketplace)

glitter floor by [keke] for C88, dresser by .xin, tea set by erratic, neon by [free bird]

robe by Nylon Outfitters for C88, hair by Pepe



Hello, it’s so great to see you

It’s been almost two years.  I logged off, but would continually think about Brie and the world she…I.. lives in.

A job transfer to another state kept me from committing myself to Second Life and Token Chic, and a break was necessary to focus on my career.

I feel like now, the time is right to slowly come back to a creative outlet that I truly enjoy.

Logging on for the first time a couple weeks ago, I didn’t realize how much Brie is a part of me, I really did miss her.

And, needless to say, there have been changes in SL since late 2012.

It was wonderful to see most of my favorite artists, stores, and designers never stopped creating, and the growth in talent is astounding.

Mesh avatars being a huge advancement, it took an intimidating few days of messing with demos and HUDs to get with the program.  It was sort of like coming out of a fallout shelter after two years…

Token Chic is still under construction for a bit, not for long.

It’s so great to be back guys.

Let’s do this.



skin Fashionably Dead Nyx Skin with Dust makeup & Bird skin …hair Boon, DeLa  clothing Mon Tissu

you build me a wildfire, a thousand burning things
you take my soul and split it, and i’m left remembering
the way things worked before i knew what it was like
to be in love with you.

and if you’re still standing then i must have done it wrong
and if you’re still screaming then i know it won’t be long
until you’re back in my head with your hands around my neck
and i won’t

fight it.

via tumblr


work of art

Hey guys… I normally wouldn’t use this blog as a platform or anything, but this is huge to me and here goes:  A while ago I moved to downstate Illinois to attend school.  Me and the boyfriend have an awesome little guy who’s currently in kindergarten.

The local school district here has decided to CUT the art program…yes cut…as in completely obliterate any art classes for the entire elementary program (preschool through 5th grade/4 – 10 year olds).

This doesn’t even have to do with money.. but a ridiculous scheduling conflict, that made it convenient for board members to vote against it.

So, on top of the local petition, I’ve decided to spread the word, as well as the Superintendent’s contact information.

If you’ve got a couple minutes, please shoot him a quick email asking him to reinstate the art program for District 186 elementary schools.

I came to my SL friends because we’re all artists, and this would obviously mean a whole lot to the children here  … and thanks so much for listening!

District 186 Superintendent Mr. Christopher Grode
twitter:  @ChrisGrode