skin by Mynerva (Sonia exclusive for Skin Fair and Patricia-group gift),  hair by Rowne,  unitard by Vive Nine ryvolter for Kustom9,  sandals by Kokoia,  knit top by TORO for Kustom9,  ballet skirt by Dead Dollz, lingerie by Luxuria for The Liason Collaborative

stool and ashtray by Balaclava
side table by Fancy Decor for Kustom9
phone by Soy for Kustom9
water glasses by Keke for The Liason Collaborative (finally someone made the perfect glass of water – i get excited by these things)

If you scroll back into the annals of Token Chic (remember 2010? check out my full bright earrings),  one of the first skin makers I really became attached to was a shop called Mynerva.
I love their skins.  There’s something pure, simple and fresh about them, and bare enough for really subtle makeup layers.

Unfortunately, the shop had closed a few years back, and after that I moved on to an extremely long Mother Goose phase.

One thing I never took off though, were the freckles and brows that came with some of those Mynerva skins.
They’re a tattoo layer that became a permanent fixture on my face for oh…the last six years.
They went on top of nearly every skin I wore, and still do.

So, when I saw Mynerva had a skin at the skin fair, I was definitely happy to see them back.


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