work of art

Hey guys… I normally wouldn’t use this blog as a platform or anything, but this is huge to me and here goes:  A while ago I moved to downstate Illinois to attend school.  Me and the boyfriend have an awesome little guy who’s currently in kindergarten.

The local school district here has decided to CUT the art program…yes cut…as in completely obliterate any art classes for the entire elementary program (preschool through 5th grade/4 – 10 year olds).

This doesn’t even have to do with money.. but a ridiculous scheduling conflict, that made it convenient for board members to vote against it.

So, on top of the local petition, I’ve decided to spread the word, as well as the Superintendent’s contact information.

If you’ve got a couple minutes, please shoot him a quick email asking him to reinstate the art program for District 186 elementary schools.

I came to my SL friends because we’re all artists, and this would obviously mean a whole lot to the children here  … and thanks so much for listening!

District 186 Superintendent Mr. Christopher Grode
twitter:  @ChrisGrode


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