Alto stratus

robe = Dutchie Bathrobe white…<3..great for me because I’m basically a recluse =P
hair = Clawtooth Glowing Review
skin = Mother Goose Telcy
eyes = Miss Shippe’s Studio Underye Sequins

also,  check out AVENUE magazine’s August issue….if I don’t blog enough for your liking…you can always catch me there.


5 thoughts on “Alto stratus

  1. Ursular Winterwolf says:

    Just so love this look and thank you for the info.

    What brows are you using in the photo? The Telcy skin from Mother Goose doesn’t seem to have dark brows – and these are, to me, essential for the look.

    • Thanks!…Yes, those are my brows that are basically part of my face now XD. I wear them with most skins. They are from Mynerva, included with the Dot2Dot Freckles. Not even sure if they are still for sale, but yeah..I agree…essential…and they work perfectly with Telcy.

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  3. Love your pictures! I wanted to let you know I highlighted the second in my column, What I Like, at Shopping Cart Disco. I am posting this a second time without the link since links get comments sent to spam most of the time.

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