new lucent

Help Japan in SL @ Chirihama sim

nordari white bird and the silent love. graph* cushion (w/anim.) Maknie maru Tee


2 thoughts on “new lucent

  1. I’m absolutely in love with your blog. I’m also curious as to how much post-SL editing you have to do to gain that silky smooth texture in your photos. Fabulous!

  2. Thank You Thema =] … i’m so glad you enjoy it. I guess I try to get the best shot I can inworld, so that there is less work to do in PS. I spend ALOT of time messing with windlights and brightness and the angles of shadows and such (i use Kirstens) …probably way too much time, but nonetheless I try to avoid messing with it alot in PS other than cropping and smoothing jagged edges…thank you again for the kind words<3

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